The months of organising your big day are behind you and you've gracefully navigated your way throughout the day like an absolute pro. You are finally ready to let your hair down, but then, shock horror - an empty dancefloor. Not on our watch. Get your dancing shoes on as we share our experience and expertise giving you our top 6 ways to fill a dancefloor.


Taking inspiration from those nights on the town with that ‘out out’ feeling, caught in the tides of people singing and dancing to the command of an ever-evolving DJ set – we set to harness this effect and couple it with the intangible buzz and engagement we get from performing as a live band. With the use of samples and backing tracks to create medleys/mashups, we have bridged the gap between a band and a DJ.

We perform a high octane show of top chart hits and classic floor fillers which runs start to finish with little to no gaps so the beat goes on. This proves to be extremely successful in keeping people on the dance floor.


By design, the medleys and mashups mean the show can cover a wider range of songs, styles and eras giving you a lot of bang for your buck. Taking you on a journey through the charts and decades you’ll hear everything from disco to drum and bass, rap to rock, funk to samba and so much more – all with our own modern twist.

With so many genres and rhythms, there is always something for everyone to enjoy and so many shapes to throw and moves to pull! We have certainly seen some sights – breakdancing, dance-offs, backflips, congas, human pyramids to name a few.

As well as all the moving and shaking, everyone loves a good sing-along. We’ve made sure all the biggest, air grabbing, soaring choruses are in there. Guaranteed at every Chromatic show will be “Ohhh” moments rippling across the dancefloor as people react to songs weaving in and out of each other, their minds blowing as a classic hit is seamlessly mashed up with another classic!

Wedding dancefloor


A sure-fire way to get your guests up is for them to see you enjoying yourself. Whenever a bride or groom has been the first one on the dancefloor, it has always proved to set the night off. We are all here to party so let’s do this! A good band or DJ will bridge the gap between the stage and the dance floor (sometimes literally), making the show interactive where possible – we want you to have as much fun as we do.

We have such a good time on stage and we see this energy spread across the room like wildfire! The dance floor is the platform for everyone to express themselves and we encourage all to join in. Our singer and drummer/hype man will be sure to get you chanting and singing along!


We seek to inject fun and style into everything we do and our stagewear is no exception. Expect some seriously stylish, vibrant and colourful outfits that really set the tone for what is in store for the night.

We find the stagewear definitely helps break the ice and makes the band and dance floor more approachable as there is a sense of fun character adoption which people love to join in on, encouraging them out of their shell and onto the dancefloor!

We also provide options to tailor our new stage wear to the type/theme of your event e.g formal, corporate, party etc., maintaining our own unique style and seamlessly connecting us more with your guests.

Party Band - Wedding Dancefloor


Setting the right atmosphere for your party is a crucial factor in getting your guests to the dance floor as not everybody will be comfortable getting up in a brightly lit room. The stage and dance floor needs to be an exciting and inviting space which is why we consider the lighting and visuals as a vital part of our show.

Our set runs together with a fully synchronised lighting show combining LEDs, moving heads, hazers and lasers – immersing you in every beat of the show, giving you that swirling nightclub dance floor feel. We are also able to provide options for our custom video screen backdrops to give the stage another dimension as a visual spectacle.

With the main room lights down, the stage and dancefloor come alive, enticing the crowds including the timidest of groovers.


Another integral part of our show is the quality of the sound. A good pumping system where you can feel the music whilst enjoying the clarity of each instrument is sure to invite your guests to the floor to immerse in the pulsating dance rhythms and liveliness of the band. We pride ourselves on having our own sound engineer as part of our service who knows the show inside out and crafts the best possible sound out-front on all scale events.

So many other acts believe they can mix themselves from the stage, never knowing truly what they sound like out front. With our engineer mixing from the dancefloor area, be assured that he is mixing for the crowd, and adjusting to the room to get the punchiest sound!

Another way to acclimatise your guests to the dancefloor before the band hit the stage is with a good playlist, ramping up the volume ready for the show. We provide DJ style playlists covering the latest and greatest hits including some choice remixes to build up the atmosphere for before, between and after the live band sets.


Whatever the scale of your event, Chromatic provide the largest performance possible, to ensure your party goes out with a bang! We want your guests to have an awesome time and remember your event as the best they have ever been to. Your night inevitably has to end, so why not do it in style?



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